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Jointly Fight COVID-19 and Protect Wenzhou! Please Pass on This Advocacy! 同心抗疫,守护温州!这份倡议请传递!
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Wearing a mask is of vital importance.

戴口罩 特重要

COVID-19 is mainly transmitted through respiratory droplets. Wear a mask as long as you go out. Those who have been vaccinated must continue to wear masks for primary self-protection.


Report immediately if you have travelled to the possible exposure sites.

有交集 速报告

To be responsible for yourself, family and others, report to the local sub-district(township), community(village) if you have travelled to the possible exposure sites at a certain period of time. Visitors who have been to mid- or high-risk zones should present their Wenzhou Fangyi (anti-COVID-19) Code, and abide by the measures of COVID-19 control and prevention, and health management.


Be alert when receiving parcels.

收快递 要警惕

Avoid making unnecessary overseas online shopping of clothing and cold-chain food, and be cautious about purchasing goods from domestic areas where local cases of COVID-19 have been reported. When receiving a parcel, wear a mask properly during the whole process. It is recommended to sterilize the outer packaging first (or place it in a ventilated and sunny place for a period of time before opening the package). Those who have recently received parcels or imported goods from high-risk areas should visit the nearest nucleic acid testing facility for testing as soon as possible, during which proper personal protection should be taken.


Avoid unnecessary travels

非必要 不出行

It is recommended that one avoid unnecessary travels, and non-essential trips to mid- or high-risk areas. If you must travel due to special reasons, please be sure to report your itinerary to the community (village) and employer, and practise proper personal protection.


Less gathering and more personal protection

少聚集 多防护

Following the requirements of avoiding gathering or crowds, please do not make unnecessary visits to crowded places, take proper hygiene practices such as wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, keeping rooms well ventilated, reduce gathering, social-distancing, using serving chopsticks, to protect yourself, your family and others.


Visit hospitals once showing symptoms.

有症状 上医院

If you or your family members are showing symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, new loss of taste of smell, diarrhea, please do not self-medicate. Do visit the nearest designated fever clinic for medical treatment as soon as possible. Please take proper personal protection on the way.


Do not believe or spread rumors

不信谣 不传谣

Do not believe or spread rumors

Do not believe false or unverified information related to COVID-19 on the Internet, and follow the government official release for the latest updates.


Get vaccinated for build an immune barrier

打疫苗 筑屏障

Vaccination is the most direct and effective means to prevent the disease, and it is also the responsibility and obligation of every citizen. Eligible people are requested to get COVID-19 vaccines and booster shots, and gradually build an immune barrier within the whole population to control the epidemic.


Call for public civility

讲文明 树新风

During the critical period of COVID-19 prevention and control, it is recommended that weddings be postponed, funeral services be scaled back, follow the Double Report measure, to avoid cross-infection caused by gathering together. You are encouraged to take on some volunteer service of COVID-19 prevention and control work in the local community.


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